Communications: Annual Report

Recognizes an annual report that most effectively communicates an HFA’s achievements and mission.

Judging Criteria

Communications entries will be judged on the degree to which they:

  • Are replicable
  • Engage targeted audiences
  • Achieve measurable results
  • Provide benefits that outweigh costs
  • Demonstrate effective use of resources
  • Achieve strategic objectives

If you have questions, please email or call 202-624-7710.

2020 Winner

Iowa Finance Authority

2020 Entries

Idaho Housing and Finance Association:
A Digital-First Annual Report

IHFA is making our annual report more accessible, while saving money, with a new digital-only format. For 2019, IHFA transitioned to a digital-only microsite that allows us to highlight our successful partnerships on an engaging and interactive platform that's useful, measurable, and shareable year-round. The transition has helped us deliver our message to new audiences.

Iowa Finance Authority:
IFA Chain Reactions – FY19 Annual Report

The Iowa Finance Authority’s 2019 Annual Report showcases not only IFA’s investments throughout the state, but how those investments in turn created chain reactions throughout Iowa communities. When our programs support an individual, family or community, a chain reaction ripples through the entire state of Iowa, changing lives and opening doors along the way. This report brought those reactions to the forefront. We're proud to be a key part of the CHAIN REACTIONS to help build a better Iowa.

Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency:
Welcome Home, Oklahoma

With its 2019 annual report, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency wanted to share firsthand accounts of how it rolls out the welcome mat for Oklahomans utilizing affordable housing programs. Welcome Home, Oklahoma focuses on customer testimonials and videos through a dedicated microsite.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency:
We Create Successful Renters, Homebuyers & Homeowners

Our 2019 annual report has two special features we think distinguish it and make it worthy of recognition. Our messaging goes beyond just housing to stress how our consumer education and supportive services help people maintain stable housing for life and even improve their housing situation. Additionally, our graphic design is especially inviting for readers because it eschews text heavy paragraphs for short snippets of text supported by original photos and open, inviting graphic design.

Rhode Island Housing:
We'll Get You Home: 2019 Annual Report

In the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis, this HFA developed and released a completely online annual report with a strong message of support and stability for Rhode Islanders. With compelling text and graphics, the new report allows us to further message and position ourselves as a critical resource for residents of our state.

Virginia Housing:
VHDA Annual Report FY19

For FY19, VHDA decided to take our annual report to the next level with an overall refresh to its look, feel and format. It presents short videos, easy-to-skim stories and animated infographics — all designed to tell the story of how our work is making a difference in the lives of Virginians who need affordable housing.

Washington State Housing Finance Commission:
Transforming Washington: 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, the Washington State Housing Finance Commission chose a theme of transformation for our annual report. Although high rents and home costs have continued to push people into homelessness and put homeownership out of reach for all but the highest earners, we wanted to share the bright spots—how providing affordable homes transforms lives, neighborhoods, communities and our state.

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority:
WE ARE WHEDA: WHEDA Annual Report 2019

We are excited to share WE ARE WHEDA: WHEDA Annual Report 2019 in an entirely new way through a highly interactive format. The report highlights stories from each of our main areas of business. From large metropolitan areas like Milwaukee and Madison to small rural communities like Chilton, WHEDA has a hand in much of the momentum moving Wisconsin forward. We are proud to share just a sample of the hard work that is building up communities.

Wyoming Community Development Authority:
WCDA Annual Report

The Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA) is pleased to present you with the 2019 Annual Report, “Bringing WCDA to Your Home.” This ultimate eight-page annual report supplies an impactful review of yearly successes and information.