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Staff Directory

Executive Office:

Cary D. Knox

Executive Office Administrator/Board Secretariat

Policy and Government Affairs:

Garth B. Rieman

Director of Housing Advocacy and Strategic Initiatives

Glenn Gallo

Legislative and Policy Associate

John McMullen

Legislative and Policy Coordinator

Rosemarie Sabatino

Senior Homeownership Policy Specialist

Jennifer Schwartz

Director of Tax and Housing Advocacy

James Tassos

Deputy Director of Tax Policy and Strategic Initiatives

Greg Zagorski

Senior Homeownership Policy Specialist

Marketing and Communications:

Lisa S. Bowman

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kimberly Carr

Sponsorship and Tradeshow Coordinator

Stephanie Romanoff

Senior Digital Content Associate

Chris Townley

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Michelle Jacoby

Meetings Coordinator/Registrar

Finance and Operations:

Kevin B. Burke, CPA

Director of Finance and Operations

Lovely Padua-Hare

Operations Associate / Finance

Phaedra Stoger

Operations Associate / Membership