Special Needs Housing: Housing for Persons with Special Needs

Recognizes programs, other than those focused primarily on combating homelessness, that best provide affordable housing and services for persons with special needs.

Note: Individual developments are not eligible for an award.

Judging Criteria

Special Needs Housing entries will be judged on the degree to which they:

  • Are innovative
  • Are replicable
  • Respond to an important state housing need
  • Demonstrate measurable benefits to HFA targeted customers
  • Have a proven track record of success in the marketplace
  • Provide benefits that outweigh costs
  • Demonstrate effective use of resources
  • Effectively employ partnerships
  • Achieve strategic objectives

If you have questions, please email awards@ncsha.org or call 202-624-7710.

2020 Winner

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

2020 Entries

Delaware State Housing Authority:
Providing Stable Housing to Prevent Gun Violence

In 2019, Delaware officials launched a Group Violence Intervention (GVI) program intended to help high-risk individuals avoid involvement in the criminal justice system. Early on, one of the key factors identified as an obstacle to success in the program was the inability to find stable, affordable housing. To address this challenge, DSHA began providing housing vouchers for GVI participants, giving them a safe place to call home and much-needed stability that many had never experienced before.

Georgia Department of Community Affairs/Georgia Housing and Finance Authority:
Reentry Partnership Housing

The purpose of the Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) program is to provide short-term housing assistance for up to 6 months to help stabilize a person's reentry process. The target populations are individuals who would remain in prison after reaching their parole date without a valid residence plan. Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) can also assist with housing for those individuals under supervision with either the Georgia Department of Community Supervision or Georgia's Accountability Courts.

Housing Protections for Domestic Violence Survivors

MassHousing has undertaken a broad VAWA initiative to assist all Agency customers – owners and agents – in implementing HUD’s VAWA guidance and other best practices to assist survivors of domestic violence.

New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency:
Special Needs Housing Subsidy Loan Program

The Special Needs Housing Subsidy Loan Program is a $50 million initiative by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to create supportive housing for a wide range of special needs populations and enable them to live independently in communities of their choice. It is the agency’s first major new funding source in seven years to provide supportive affordable housing opportunities. The program will provide 400 apartments for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency:
Building Your Financial House – Readine$$ for Reentry

To address the need of incarcerated veterans to improve their financial readiness for reentry and reduce the likelihood of recidivism, PHFA adapted the in-house financial education program, Building Your Financial House (BYFH), for delivery in the state correctional institutions. Participants reported tangible financial actions, improvement of money attitudes, and lower re-arrests. Inmate veterans with long-term sentences have been trained and are replicating BYFH as part of reentry services.