Retired Subcategories: Creative Media

This subcategory was retired in 2019. If you have questions, please email or call 202-624-7710.

Recognizes the creative use of media, including electronic media, media campaigns, new media components, social media, and websites, that most effectively promotes HFA activities, programs, products, or services and advances the HFA mission.

Judging Criteria

Communications entries will be judged on the degree to which they:

  • Are replicable
  • Engage targeted audiences
  • Achieve measurable results
  • Provide benefits that outweigh costs
  • Demonstrate effective use of resources
  • Achieve strategic objectives

2019 Winner

Kentucky Housing Corporation

2019 Entries

District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency:
DC Mortgage Assistance Program

As the Federal Government’s partial shutdown passed the one month mark, DCHFA developed, launched, and promoted DC MAP, a program that provides mortgage assistance for District homeowners who are furloughed Federal Government employees, in less than a week. DCHFA worked in tandem with Mayor Muriel Bowser’s communications staff to effectively communicate the new program to the target audience through a press release, a press conference, media interviews, and media placements.

Illinois Housing Development Authority:
IHDA Mortgage Website

A website dedicated to affordable homeownership cuts through the clutter to increase program visibility, improve compliance, and communicate more effectively to targeted audiences.

Iowa Finance Authority:
Homeownership Campaign

The 2018 Homeownership Campaign features crystal clear results and proof of a full return on investment. The campaign directly converted 89 leads generated through the campaign to IFA home buyers and IFA’s loan volume sky rocketed – with a the a 145 percent increase from the same time-frame the previous year.

Kentucky Housing Corporation:
Simply Home—Affordable Housing Creates Good Neighbors (Photo and Art Exhibit)

The Simply Home exhibit was curated and designed by KHC staff as part of an overarching strategy responding to a need to build awareness and transform attitudes about why affordable housing matters, showcasing real faces of affordable housing. Affordable housing is about creating good neighbors, building strong communities, and simply bringing everyone home. This 24x36-foot exhibit travels the state and includes calls to action. A virtual site was created for everyone to experience the exhibit.

Louisiana Housing Corporation:
Community Connections: A Viable Marketing & Community Engagement Initiative

Recognizing that effective marketing and community engagement strategies strengthen and expand constituent relations, the Louisiana Housing Corporation embarked upon a journey to refine and refresh its strategy to raise awareness about affordable housing and better meet the housing and community demands of Louisiana residents.

Launch of MassHousing’s Downpayment Assistance Program

Coinciding with the launch of a new Downpayment Assistance Program (DPA), MassHousing’s Communications and Marketing team delivered results to increase public awareness of the program; drive prospective homebuyers to the MassHousing website; increase the number of subscribers to MassHousing’s Homebuyer Tips email newsletter; and, increase lending volume to homebuyers.

Minnesota Housing:
Visual Storytelling

Like many Housing Finance Agencies around the country, we believe it’s important to tell the story about our work and the important role of affordable housing in creating thriving communities where people of all ages and incomes can prosper. In order to better serve our stakeholders and communicate effectively, our organization has allocated more resources to storytelling.

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority:
Using Technology to Connect

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority is connecting potential home buyers, real estate agents, and lenders in a unique way by using online and social media engagement. The key ingredients of our communication strategy involve an interactive landing page, eLearning, and online marketing campaigns to strengthen our reach across the state and effectively deploy our resources.

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency:
"The Talk" Home Buyer Marketing Campaign

“The Talk” is a broad education and marketing campaign that promotes the Agency’s NC Home Advantage Mortgage™ and its complete suite of products to millennials through engaging outreach that leverages relationships with lenders and real estate agent partners and positions them as home buying experts in the affordable housing market. The campaign included product branding, an online commercial, digital marketing, a microsite, social media, blogs, infographics, educational videos and more.

Ohio Housing Finance Agency:
Re-imagining Housing Data for Impact

In FY 2019, OHFA reimagined its annual Housing Needs Assessment, a report that evaluates the housing needs of the state, bringing it online, with the goals of democratizing knowledge, improving agency efficiency, and inspiring more statewide coordination. The Office of Housing Policy worked with the Office of Communications and Marketing to re-conceptualize the layout and format of the data for an online interface.

Rhode Island Housing:
"Invest. Build. Believe." Agency Rebrand

All brands have a story to tell. And our story had become muddled. Following a strategic planning effort and outreach to various consumer groups and industry partners, RIHousing recognized that our visual identity and messaging were stale and outdated. We needed a refresh. It needed to be bold and comprehensive, signaling we had changed, were continuing to change and were not who people thought. The new visual identity would be a way to reintroduce ourselves to the public.

Vermont Housing Finance Agency:
Visualizing Vermont Housing Data

The Vermont Housing Data website is a free resource that features interactive and intuitive visualizations displaying housing data at the state, county, town, and organizational level. The data is accompanied by extensive resources to help users interpret and utilize information. Vermont Housing Finance Agency has used the site to effectively aid internal research, connect with stakeholders, inform housing policy, and promote affordable housing.

Wyoming Community Development Authority:
Real People, Real Stories Campaign

WCDA’s newest campaign, Real People, Real Stories is centered on taking our actual homebuyers and creating a personable connection with our audience. We asked them questions such as, “what does home mean to you?” and “how was working with WCDA?” We took their responses and created a video which is the center point of this campaign. New billboards, social media posts, commercials, and radio spots were created around this.