Communications: Integrated Campaign

NEW IN 2020
A comprehensive, multi-channel campaign that takes place over an extended period of time to promote a specific HFA message, program, or project. The campaign will include a combination of tactics and channels (e.g., print, digital, social, multimedia).

Judging Criteria

Communications entries will be judged on the degree to which they:

  • Are replicable
  • Engage targeted audiences
  • Achieve measurable results
  • Provide benefits that outweigh costs
  • Demonstrate effective use of resources
  • Achieve strategic objectives

If you have questions, please email or call 202-624-7710.

2020 Winner

Rhode Island Housing

2020 Entries

Georgia Department of Community Affairs/Georgia Housing and Finance Authority:
HomeSafe Georgia Marketing Campaign

Our HomeSafe Georgia program was developed in 2010 to address financial challenges faced by homeowners. The HomeSafe program was scheduled to end on 3/31/20. Our team developed an integrated marketing plan to provide key messaging to the public about how this program was helping people all across the state. Included were 2 websites, earned media, a Mayor Bottoms-endorsed event, commercials, print and online advertising, video content, blogs, email marketing and social media.

Idaho Housing and Finance Association:
Combating Homelessness with Avenues for Hope

IHFA's Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge uses technology and peer-to-peer fundraising to help raise money annually for non-profits across Idaho in an effort to combat homelessness and enhance affordable housing opportunities in our communities. Over the last nine years, the program has helped raise $4.4 million, including $1.3 million in 2019 alone. During that time, Avenues for Hope has increased community donations, corporate sponsorships and nonprofit beneficiaries.

Iowa Finance Authority:
2019 Homeownership Campaign

The Iowa Finance Authority’s I Believe campaign converted 95 leads into homebuyers using one of IFA’s programs. The carefully crafted campaign strategy allowed the team to be able to definitively prove the return on investment for the full campaign budget as it tracked all campaign entrants who converted into IFA home buyers. The I Believe campaign not only succeeded in making Iowans aware of our down payment assistance programs but also in blowing the campaign goals out of the water!

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation:
Unlocking Home for Kansans

Last year, the Kansas Housing team embarked on a soul-searching effort to better define who we are, what we do, and why our work is important. The result was an entirely new brand, redesigned logo, and refreshed public image—one that better reflects our collaborative spirit, our compassionate approach, and our thorough administration of programs and services. Join us to learn how we're Unlocking Home and expanding housing opportunities for Kansans and communities across the state.

Michigan State Housing Development Authority:
Michigan Outreach Initiative Team

Providing Michigan’s communities access to the valuable resources and programs available from MSHDA and our partners ranks as one of the most important outcomes of the Outreach Initiative Team. Understanding that identifying citizen’s needs and community input is imperative. The Michigan Outreach Initiative team partners and participates with churches, community organizations, and non-profits throughout Michigan that provide programs and services for citizens.

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority:
Small But Mighty Marketing

As one of the smallest HFA’s with a staff of 28 and an Outreach and Communication team of 6, NIFA has mapped out an increasingly successful marketing plan. Making the most of a very small budget, capitalizing on free tools and trainings, and adjusting existing practices, NIFA showcases their mighty marketing efforts in this award application. See how successful the team has become by involving all departments in a collaborative effort.

Ohio Housing Finance Agency:
Ohio Housing Finance Agency's Multimedia Outreach

Welcome to Doorsteps – an integrated, multi-channel campaign hosted by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency. Doorsteps is comprised of three key mediums: the Doorsteps podcast; the Stories of Home blog; and the Doorsteps twitter account @ohiodoorsteps. Since July 2018, Doorsteps has created and amplified stories, visuals and data that aim to inform OHFA stakeholders and the Ohioan’s about the state’s housing needs. Doorsteps has successfully amplified the importance of affordable housing in Ohio.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency:
Using Podcasts to Educate Housing Consumers

PHFA has found that our podcasting programs not only meet important needs of our housing consumers, but they also are a vital part of our integrated communications strategy. Podcasting provides information consumers find helpful. So it serves to attract new people to our website, exposing them to other PHFA services. It also reinforces our brand as a trusted and caring housing resource. Housing counselors and the PA Realtors are helping us promote our podcasting programs.

Rhode Island Housing:
Hello Landlords!

Launching a new landlord marketing and outreach effort – Hello Landlords! -- allowed this HFA to change the way landlords think about us and increase the number of active landlords participating in our HCV program. With a fresh look, exciting visuals, and a welcoming tone, the campaign employs a variety of outreach tactics, including, grassroots, print, digital, video, and social to support the agency’s strategic goal of increasing landlord participation.

South Dakota Housing Development Authority:
SDHDA Affordable for All Campaign

When public misperception often dictates that affordable housing is an unachievable luxury & thusly demeans the phrase itself in the context of everyday life, what can an HFA do to combat & re-inform the general public? SDHDA sought to develop a campaign that did just that—reframed the narrative around what it means to have “affordable housing” & why everyone’s point of reference for what “affordable” means is different.

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority:
WHEDA Stories

From homebuyers to farmers as well as multifamily developers to small businesses, WHEDA touches the lives of many different populations throughout rural and urban Wisconsin. Through WHEDA Stories we celebrate the diverse successes of all our customers and strive to inspire through our corporate motto – Together We Build Wisconsin.

Wyoming Community Development Authority:
WCDA Brings You Home in 3, 2, 1

Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA) is the key to affordable housing in Wyoming. WCDA Brings You Home in 3, 2, 1 is our latest and greatest campaign. If there is one thing WCDA loves about our business, it's the fact that we get to help others. WCDA Brings You Home in 3, 2, 1 highlights the key factors of getting Wyoming residents into homes.