HOME Investment Partnerships Program

For nearly 30 years, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) has been one of the most effective, locally driven tools to help states and communities increase access to safe, decent, and affordable housing for low-income households. NCSHA is the principal state advocate for the HOME program and convenes the HOME Coalition, a grassroots advocacy organization of more than 40 national organizations. Advocating for HOME resources is one of NCSHA’s Legislative Priorities.

The HOME program is a federal block grant that provides states and localities flexible resources to address their most pressing affordable housing challenges — new production where units are scarce, rehabilitation where housing quality is a challenge, and the right mix of rental and homeownership housing. This flexibility also means that states and communities can react quickly to changes in their local housing markets. For every $1 in HOME funds, states’ grantees, including HFAs, have leveraged nearly $5 in other public and private resources. See how HOME is being used in your state.


Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) tours the Reserves of Gray Park, located in the Mississippi Delta, which was built using HOME funds.
Photo Credit: Mississippi Home Corporation
Mississippi Home Corporation
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