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Conference Materials

Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2021: Video Series

In this video series, Ayrianne Parks, Senior Director of Public Policy at Enterprise, and Jennifer Schwartz, Director of Tax and Housing Advocacy at NCSHA, provide an overview of each of the provisions in the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA) of 2021 (S. 1136 and H.R. 2573).

NCSHA Priorities Briefing 2021

This presentation of NCSHA’s 2021 priorities, given on March 17, 2021, is intended to prepare HFAs and their partners for meetings with their members of Congress during NCSHA’s 2021 Legislative Conference. It provides background on the political environment in Washington and NCSHA’s legislative and regulatory priorities, as well as advice on how to advocate for these priorities.

Modular Construction Innovations (AC20)

The use of prefabricated and modular construction components in affordable housing development can result in a streamlined design process, lower costs, improved efficiency, and reduced waste. In...

Increasing Homeownership Among People of Color (AC20)

Learn what the affordable housing community is doing to develop and market first-time homeownership programs for families of color and low-income households. DISCUSSION LEADER Joaquín...

Data and Housing Equity (AC20)

Discuss what it takes to embed a racial equity and inclusion lens in research. See how organizations can use innovative data methods that recognize the impact of racial inequality to develop...

Adopting a Staff Social Media Policy (AC20)

Walk through the process one cross-departmental HFA team followed to formulate, implement, and enforce a social media policy for agency staff. PARTICIPANTS Jessica Cherry, Director of...

Increasing Mortgage Production (AC20)

The homeownership rate in the United States has not fully recovered to pre-Great Recession levels. Learn how HFAs are addressing this challenge by developing programs to meet the specific...

Incorporating Supportive Services in Affordable Housing (AC20)

Resident and supportive services in affordable housing can help stabilize families and improve outcomes. Explore various models of resident and supportive services certification and what to look...

Boosting Resilience in the Workplace, Part 2 (AC20)

A continuation of Part 1 TRAINERS Jackie Martin, Training Facilitator | Training Systems, Inc. Carolyn Thompson, President | Training Systems, Inc.