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Resource Center

Resource Center

Looking for talking points or FAQs to prepare for a meeting on Capitol Hill? A copy of NCSHA’s annual Factbook? Housing research and analysis? A presentation from a recent conference to share with a colleague? A reference guide for Housing Credit, HOME, MRBs, or Section 8 program administration? You’ve come to the right place: The NCSHA Resource Center is your source for this important information and much more. Refer to the right sidebar to see resource categories or use the search bar to search resources by topic.

NCSHA Members: Looking for a specific resource from a past event or conference? Please contact us for assistance.

Opportunity Zone Fund Directory

The Opportunity Zone Fund Directory is a compilation of Opportunity Zone funding opportunities. This resource provides descriptions and contact information for publicly-announced funds that have been...

State HFA Factbook

Each year, NCSHA conducts a comprehensive survey of HFA program activity and compiles it in the State HFA Factbook. This information supports NCSHA's advocacy within Congress, the Administration, and the numerous federal agencies concerned with housing by providing hard evidence of HFA program results and successes. The Factbook also helps HFAs to compare their programs and operations to those of other HFAs and to learn from one another.

NCSHA’s 2019 State HFA PBCA Portfolio Chart

Below is NCSHA's chart detailing state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) serving as Performance-Based Contract Administrators (PBCAs) and their portfolios for 2019. Currently, 33 state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) serve as PBCAs. 

NCSHA List of HFAs Administering HTF from 2016 to Present

Below is NCSHA's list of HFA's Administering the National Housing Trust Fund (HTF) from 2016 to present. 

NCSHA PBCA Entities by State Map

Below is a map detailing Performance-Based Contract Administrators (PBCA) by state. Currently, 33 state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) serve as PBCAs. 

Breaking Down Income Averaging with NCSHA’s Stockton Williams

In this December 2018 interview with Affordable Housing Finance, NCSHA Executive Director Stockton Williams discusses the Housing Credit income-averaging option and what it means for state Housing Finance Agencies and developers.

State Income Averaging Policies

The link below reflects income averaging policies state allocating agencies have shared with NCSHA as of December 5, 2018. There may be additional states that have published policies since that date...

NCSHA and IRS Webinar on Form Submission

NCSHA and IRS Webinar on forms submission process for IRS Forms 8909, 8610, 9610 Schedule A, and 8823.

Development Costs and Cost Drivers in the Housing Credit Program

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) is the most important public policy that directly supports the development of desperately needed rental apartments lower-income households can...

State Housing Finance Agencies: At the Center of the Affordable Housing System

Ten years after the Great Recession forced the federal government to make major changes to the nation’s housing system, state housing finance agencies have become more important than at any other time in their history to the system’s ability to make affordable housing available in America. This new report explains how.