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Jenise Hight

Jenise Hight

Title: Director, Single Family Credit Policy

Company/Division: Fannie Mae Single Family Mortgage Business

Responsibilities: Jenise Hight leads the team at Fannie Mae responsible for developing policies and strategies related to the servicing of single family mortgage loans, reporting to the Vice President of Single Family Credit Policy.  Ms. Hight directs and manages a staff responsible for developing a deep understanding of loan servicing industry practices and issues, responding to industry inquiries related to Fannie Mae Servicing Guide polices as well as evaluating policy exception requests, enabling Fannie Mae to preserve homeownership while implementing portfolio management strategies to manage credit losses to taxpayers.

Experience: Prior to being promoted to Director in 2010, Ms. Hight was a Senior Credit Risk Analyst on the Servicing Policy team.  Before joining Fannie Mae in 2007, Ms. Hight worked at HUD in FHA’s Single-Family Office of Lender Activity and Program Compliance where she monitored the origination and servicing activities of FHA-approved lenders by examining business operations through on-site reviews to curtail unacceptable business practices.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Hight worked in various areas of mortgage servicing at several banks and mortgage companies in the DC metro region.

Education: Ms. Hight has a BS in finance from Hampton University.

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