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NCSHA Announces New Board of Directors

Published on October 18, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) held its 2018 Board election on October 14 in Austin during the association’s 48th Annual Conference & Showplace.  Voted on by the member state housing finance agencies (HFAs), NCSHA’s newly-elected Board officers are:

  • President*: Tia Boatman Patterson | California Housing Finance Agency
    Tia Boatman Patterson
    Tia Boatman Patterson
  • Vice President*: Scott Spivey | Mississippi Home Corporation
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Barbara Fields | Rhode Island Housing

Newly-elected Board directors are:

  • At-Large Executive Committee Member:  Anas Ben Addi | Delaware State Housing Authority
  • Dean Christon | New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
  • Kim Herman | Washington State Housing Finance Commission
  • Brian Hudson | Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Gerald Hunter | Idaho Housing and Finance Association
  • Edwin King | Kentucky Housing Corporation
  • Mark Lauseng | South Dakota Housing Development Authority
  • Todd Lee | District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency
  • Mary Tingerthal | Minnesota Housing

Incumbent Board directors are:

  • Immediate Past President* Grant S. Whitaker | Utah Housing Corporation
  • Audra Hamernik | Illinois Housing Development Authority
  • Margaret Salazar | Oregon Housing and Community Services
  • Jacob Sipe | Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
  • Cris White | Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

“I’m honored that my fellow executive directors chose me for the position of Board President*,” said Ms. Boatman Patterson, who is the executive director of the California Housing Finance Agency. “At this critical time for affordable housing in the United States, NCSHA, with its exceptional staff, is in a position to be at the center of the national dialogue. I am committed to NCSHA and our partners’ collaborative efforts to influence and ensure policy-makers make an affordably housed nation a priority.”

“NCSHA’s newly-elected officers and Board members are a remarkable group of public servants from a diverse set of states that are representative of the country and its housing challenges as a whole,” said Stockton Williams, executive director of NCSHA. “Under their leadership, NCSHA will continue to bring forward solutions to housing affordability challenges that are based on the proven, scalable approaches of state HFAs.”

For more than 50 years, state housing finance agencies have played a central role in the nation’s affordable housing system, delivering financing to make possible the purchase, development, and rehabilitation of affordable homes and rental apartments for low- and middle-income households.

The National Council of State Housing Agencies is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization created to advance, through advocacy and education, the efforts of the nation’s state HFAs and their partners to provide affordable housing to those who need it. NCSHA’s vision: An affordably housed nation. Learn more at

For more information, contact Lisa Bowman, Director of Marketing and Communications.

*The title of this office changed in the December 18, 2019, revision of the NCSHA Bylaws.