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California Housing Finance Agency Announces Accessory Dwelling Unit Financing Pilot Program

Published on April 15, 2019 by California Housing Finance Agency
California Housing Finance Agency Announces Accessory Dwelling Unit Financing Pilot Program

The Agency partners with Self-Help Enterprises to finance Accessory Dwelling Units in Old Town Clovis

SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Housing Finance Agency is partnering with the nonprofit Self-Help Enterprises to help alleviate the housing crisis by providing financing for Accessory Dwelling Units in the City of Clovis. Self-Help Enterprises, a community development organization based in the San Joaquin Valley, will use $2.5 million in funding from the California Housing Finance Agency to act as the construction lender for Clovis’ Cottage Home Program.

“It has been so heartening to see the community embrace and bring forward the Cottage Home Program,” said Dwight Kroll, AICP, City of Clovis director of Planning and Development Services. “Not only has this assisted in the development of much needed affordable housing in our community, it has been wonderful to experience the pride of accomplishment shown by the various participants.” Self-Help Enterprises will provide the financing to homeowners/borrowers, service the loans and collaborate with Clovis to market the ADU program.

“We are excited for the opportunity to work with CalHFA and the City of Clovis on this project,” said Susan Long, Program Director of Partner Services at Self-Help Enterprises. “We look forward to assisting existing homeowners finance new housing opportunities and adding a mix of affordable housing options to community members.”

In addition to CalHFA providing the funds, the program will also benefit from Clovis’ strong commitment to the project. The city is providing three architectural design templates for the homeowners at no cost, in addition to expedited reviews and fee waivers for Accessory Dwelling Unit projects. These home plans, each less than 400 square feet, are intended to orient onto alleys and provide for a unique pedestrian street environment while also revitalizing the alleys and creating more housing in the highly desirable Central Clovis area.

“We are very impressed with Clovis’ support for this pilot program to help California’s housing crisis,” said Tia Boatman Patterson, CalHFA Executive Director. “The partnership with Self-Help Enterprises is a perfect demonstration of how state government can work with localities and non-profit organizations to produce good outcomes for low to moderate income Californians.”