The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition is comprised of developers, syndicators, lenders, nonprofit groups, public agencies, and others concerned with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit) program.  AHTCC is a nonprofit corporation chartered under the laws of the District of Columbia and governed by an elected Board of Directors.

AHTCC plays a major role in assuring the continuance of the Housing Credit program. It was founded in 1988 with the primary goal of achieving permanent extension of the Housing Credit. From that time until the Credit was permanently extended in 1993, AHTCC worked tirelessly to achieve that end by taking a leading role in coordinating the efforts of many concerned groups and individuals, both on Capitol Hill and throughout the country. AHTCC now focuses on educating law makers at the federal, state, and local level about the impressive successes of the Housing Credit program over the past 26 years. The Housing Credit achieves the goals for which it was created and deserves recognition and support.