Trump Nominates Pam Patenaude for Deputy HUD Secretary

April 28, 2017

The White House announced today that President Donald Trump intends to nominate Pamela Patenaude to serve as Deputy Secretary for Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Senate Banking Committee Unanimously Approves Carson for HUD Secretary

January 24, 2017

The Senate Banking Committee earlier today voted unanimously to favorably report Dr. Ben Carson’s nomination to serve as Secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

FHA Suspends Scheduled Premium Reductions

January 23, 2017

In one of the first policy actions taken by President Trump’s new Administration after he was sworn in, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) on Friday published a

Senate Banking Committee Holds Nomination Hearing for HUD Secretary-Designate Ben Carson

January 12, 2017

Earlier today, HUD Secretary-Designate Dr. Ben Carson appeared before the Senate Banking Committee for his nomination hearing.

FHA Lowers Annual Insurance Premiums for Most Mortgages

January 09, 2017

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced this morning that it will be reduc

Hensarling Announces New Financial Services Subcommittee Chairs

January 06, 2017

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) announced today the Committee’s s

NCSHA 2017 Business, Legislative, and Regulatory Priorities


 NCSHA Business, Legislative, and Regulatory Priorities

FHA Announces Increased Single-Family Loan Limits for 2017

December 02, 2016

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced yesterday the county loan li

FHA Report Says Health of Mortgage Fund Improving

November 15, 2016

Earlier today, HUD released its 2016 Annual Report to Congress on the financial status of the Federal Housing Adm

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