January 03, 2017

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is asking you, our key housing and community development partners, to consider joining the Home Matters to Ohio campaign.

Home Matters to Ohio is a statewide, broad-based and growing campaign to strengthen the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, our State’s primary and most significant resource for Ohioans when a home is out of reach.

The Trust Fund provides safe, affordable and quality homes for Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens—families with low or moderate incomes, people with disabilities, seniors, veterans and the homeless. The Trust Fund also supports emergency homeless shelters, handicapped and senior accessibility modifications and home repair in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.

Building on the Trust Fund will help us address the growing needs of families entering the workforce, individuals overcoming addiction, veterans returning home and many more who need a stable foundation. A well-funded Trust Fund can make all of Ohio more productive, healthier, and stronger.

The goal of Home Matters to Ohio is to expand the Trust Fund in the next state budget. If you are authorized to sign on behalf of your organization, please add your organization’s name to the growing list of Home Matters to Ohio supporters. Hundreds of organizations across the state have signed on in the last couple weeks, but we need hundreds more to show how much support there is for the Trust Fund.

Safe, affordable homes are the first step for many other public policy needs facing Ohio, like health care, education, child welfare and workforce readiness. Please ask your partners to also consider joining us, even if they’re not a housing practitioner. Feel free to share this brochure for more information about Home Matters to Ohio and the Trust Fund.

Thank you for signing the Statement of Support and sharing it with your colleagues. You can help spread the word by following @HomeMatterstoOH on Twitter and joining the conversation using the hashtags #BuildOnTheTrust and #HomeMatters on your social media channels. Together, we can #BuildOnTheTrust.