December 06, 2016
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DECEMBER 5, 2016

Lisa Bowman, Director of Marketing and Communications
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WASHINGTON, DC – The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) congratulates Dr. Ben Carson on his nomination to lead the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as its next Secretary. NCSHA looks forward to working with President-Elect Donald Trump and Dr. Carson to better the lives of America’s working families, create jobs, and rebuild our country’s infrastructure through affordable housing development.

“State Housing Finance Agencies are eager to work with Dr. Carson to provide affordable housing help to families of modest means, seniors, persons with disabilities, and others who need it,” said Grant S. Whitaker, president and chief executive officer of Utah Housing Corporation and NCSHA president. “We wish Dr. Carson every success as he takes charge of such an important federal department.”

NCSHA Executive Director Barbara Thompson said, “NCSHA is delighted to welcome Dr. Carson to Washington. We look forward to a strong and productive relationship with HUD under his leadership.”

Executive directors representing the state Housing Finances Agencies (HFAs) are meeting in Washington, DC, December 5 and 6, to talk about how state HFAs can most effectively work with the new Administration and Congress to expand the use of the proven state HFA delivery system in creating affordable housing opportunity nationwide. State HFAs have a long and successful track record in providing affordable housing help to the people of their jurisdictions. They administer many of the country’s most important and effective federal affordable housing programs, including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, tax-exempt private activity Housing Bonds, the HOME Investment Partnerships program, Section 8 rental assistance, and FHA single-family and multifamily insurance programs.

NCSHA is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan association that advocates on behalf of HFAs before Congress and the Administration for affordable housing resources. NCSHA represents the state HFAs and the HFAs of the District of Columbia, New York City, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. NCSHA’s membership also includes more than 300 affordable housing industry partners. Learn more at