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Kevin Martone

Kevin Martone is Executive Director for the Technical Assistance Collaborative in Boston, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping our nation’s human services, health care, homelessness, and affordable housing systems implement policies and practices that empower people to live healthy, independent lives in the communities they choose. Kevin has consulted in numerous states on issues pertaining to behavioral health, Medicaid, supportive housing, homelessness and community integration. Kevin designed TAC’s Housing and Healthy Communities Learning Network that includes several hospital systems from across the United States to engage in peer-to-peer learning about opportunities and challenges to address social determinants of health, including affordable housing, in their communities.

Previously, he served as mental health commissioner for New Jersey, president for the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, and vice president for the Supportive Housing Association (SHA) of New Jersey. Kevin was the CEO for a supportive housing agency that developed affordable housing and provided comprehensive services. He is currently on the board of the National Association for Rural Mental Health and the Massachusetts Association of Mental Health, and has taught at Tufts University School of Medicine and Rutgers University School of Social Work on mental health and social work topics.

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