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The Gathering Opportunity Zone Fund

The Opportunity Zone Fund Directory is a compilation of publicly-announced funds formed to attract investment in Opportunity Zones (OZs). NCSHA is tracking only multi-project OZ funds. To learn more about a fund included in this directory, click on the name.

Please review the terms of the use before using the directory. To request to add your fund to the directory, please complete this form.

Directory Stats as of July 1, 2020:

215 Total Funds $47.2 Billion Total Anticipated Investment 63% of Funds Target Investment in Affordable Housing and Community Development

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Fund NameThe Gathering Opportunity Zone Fund
Fund Manager or Organizer(s)2 or 3 Gathered Together
Fund Size$10,000,000
Investment Focus
Commercial Real Estate, Community Revitalization, Economic Development, Small Business Development, Other
If Other, Please Specify:Outdoor free public gyms
Geographic Focus
North Carolina
Additional Fund Details

We are a potential community development funding recipient seeking a funding investment of $10 million which will create 50+ jobs, affordable housing, commercial development(s), and free outdoor gyms in North Carolina Opportunity Zones.

Our goals are to create opportunities with older commercial stock, rehab and reconstruct them into capital performing entities. Many of these older commercial properties need renovation to enable new
job creation, entrepreneurial opportunities, and affordable housing and offer access to free outdoor gyms for low-income families who do not have access to health facilities.

North Carolina’s Opportunity Zones will offer the social and sustainable-minded investor(s) the opportunity to make an impact for years to come. The on-site renovations will create long-term investment and opportunities that will result in the improvement of the lives of many. Therefore we are seeking investors who desire to make a difference socially and sustainably and reduce obesity by creating healthier lives for others.

Our focus is on human interest while making financial capital enterprise for the investor(s) as well as the community.

With your investment, we intend to provide several Opportunity Zones areas with the following projects:
1) community revitalization
2) business development and entrepreneur set-ups and incubators
3) On-site commercial developments
4) On-site free outdoor public gyms
5) Solar panel-powered commercial properties
6) Culinary certified entrepreneur opportunities
7) Steel container solar-powered vendor start-up store units
8) Electric car charging ports
11) Farmers market and farm hubs
12) Workforce training opportunities and classes
13) Home-buying seminars
14) Affordable Housing, new construction mini-homes for seniors 55
years and older.

Organization Details

2 or 3 Gathered Together was founded and established as faithbased community developers experienced in affordable housing, finance, and budgeting. Our staff experience spans affordable housing, finance, budgeting, education, job training, investments, and human interest vital in North Carolina Opportunity Zone communities.

Our grassroots nonprofit community development corporation has 20+ years' extensive experience in rehab of affordable housing, counseling, job creation, and marketing in blighted communities. We find there is substantial lack of affordable housing, employment
opportunities, and job training in addition to a large percentage of obese individuals in North Carolina's Opportunity Zones.

We are grassroots and understand various grassroots of how such communities operate.

We believe in people and the potential growth of Opportunity Zone communities.

Fund Contact....
NameCherry Hargrove
Job TitleCEO
Phone(347) 528-4450
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.

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