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    1) Will the Housing Counseling Program grants that were awarded in December 2010 be rescinded as a result of the full year Continuing Resolution that was enacted last week?
    No. The Housing Counseling Program grants announced in December will not be impacted since they were awarded with fiscal year 2010 appropriations. If you are currently a Housing Counseling Program grantee, your organization can continue to submit invoices for the reimbursement of the provision of housing counseling services as provided for in your grant agreement.
    2) Since the Continuing Resolution is for 6 months, does that mean that HUD will still get half (44 million) of the FY2011 funds that were requested for the Housing Counseling Program?
    No. The entire $88 million was zeroed out of the FY 2011 budget so none of the proposed funding will be available.
    3) What happens with the housing counseling grants for FY2012 budget? Will there be a “lapse” in funding?
    The President's FY2012 budget includes a request of $88 million for the Housing Counseling Program. HUD hopes to provide new housing counseling funding through the FY2012 budget that will soon begin to be developed with Congress. However, even if that effort is successful, there will still likely be a lapse in funding to HUD-approved Housing Counseling agencies after October 1, 2011. In recent years, the Congress has not passed the appropriations bill to fund agencies with the start of the fiscal year and HUD will have to administer a grant competition to award any new funding.
    4) Are there any additional housing counseling funds available between now and the resolution of the FY 12 budget?
    There may be limited funds available from previous funding allocations. HUD is presently evaluating the possibility of competing these funds and will provide additional information regarding such opportunities should they become available.
    5) Are there other sources of funds that could be redirected to fund housing counseling agencies?
    HUD does not have the authority to redirect funds that are appropriated for other programs and other purposes to support housing counseling services.
    6) Will there be funding in FY2011 for Housing Counseling Training grants?
    No. In the FY2011 Continuing Resolution there were no funds appropriated to HUD's Housing Counseling Program to support grants for housing counseling services or training of housing counselors.
    Monday, April 18, 2011