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Conference Materials

Developing Service-Enriched and Supportive Housing (HCC18)

Hear about successful strategies for integrating resident services into development budgets for family, elderly, and permanent supportive housing. Consider development structuring issues,...

Analyzing the Impact of Tax Reform (HCC18)

Leading tax advisors examine the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 and the short- and long-term effects on the existing Housing Credit portfolio and new investments. Gain an understanding of the...

Compliance Hot Topics (HCC18)

Industry compliance experts explore current issues in Housing Credit compliance, including income limit and utility allowance updates, fair housing enforcement action, and the impact of natural...

Designing for Affordability (HCC18)

Nationally renowned architect Michael Pyatok discusses key strategies for controlling Housing Credit development costs at the design stage and the importance of good design in securing public...

Strategies for Preservation and Continuing Compliance (HCC18)

Preservation advocates join allocating agency representatives to discuss development and compliance challenges in the Housing Credit portfolio. Explore recapitalization of Year 15 properties,...

2018 Legislative Conference and Advocacy Materials

Highlight: The Congressional Handout is an effective tool when speaking to members of Congress, state officials, and business partners. Use it to share with your constituents the important work that HFAs do and why they do it.

2018 HFA Institute Materials

Access the HFA 2018 Institute's presentations and training materials from key federal officials, leading trainers and consultants, noted industry professionals, and experienced HFA practitioners.

Mastering Income Limit and Utility Allowance Rules

Analyze the impact of new income limits and various utility allowance options on maximum allowable rents in Housing Credit developments. Consider recent IRS and HUD updates to utility allowance rules and the interaction of these rules on multiple subsidy development compliance.

Multifamily Finance Forum

Survey current Housing Credit financing tools, including tax-exempt bonds, HUD financing programs, state tax credits, and Federal Home Loan Bank resources. Consider how to make the most of GSE duty-to-serve requirements.