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Preservation Spotlight (HFAi19)

Consider opportunities and challenges in affordable housing preservation and analyze the latest tools to address the varied needs of an aging portfolio. Get updates on the RAD expansion to Section 202 properties with project rental assistance contracts, Section 8bb rental assistance contract transfers, and USDA Rural Housing Services’ actions to address properties with maturing mortgages. [...]


Troubleshooting Procurement Particulars (HFAi19)

As HUD continues to explore a procurement process for rebidding the PBCA work, examine how to troubleshoot procurement particulars that may trip up public or quasi-public applicants, including small business participation and labor standards. TRAINER Andrew Mohr, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP [...]


HUD Multifamily Program Update (HFAi19)

NCSHA and industry partners discuss the Administration’s affordable rental housing priorities and plans. Explore HUD’s multifamily financing initiatives and program developments. Discuss how these and other changes will impact the PBCA portfolio. DISCUSSION LEADER Garth Rieman, Director of Housing Advocacy and Strategic Initiatives | National Council of State Housing Agencies PARTICIPANTS Lisa Blackwell, Vice President [...]


Making Sense of Certain Change (HFAi19)

The new year brings with it a new Congress, new leadership at the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and an Administration gearing up for re-election. Representatives from leading trade and advocacy organizations break down what all this could mean for federal housing finance policy and state affordable homeownership lending programs. A top housing economist provides insight [...]


Servicing Essentials: What’s Next for Loan Servicing? (HFAi19)

HFA servicing staff and industry experts examine recent and future developments in loan servicing and what they could mean for HFAs and their affordable homeownership programs. Hear from the Urban Institute about the findings and activities of its Mortgage Servicing Collaborative initiative. DISCUSSION LEADER Pamela Holmes, Director of Single Family Servicing | Virginia Housing Development Authority [...]


Servicing Essentials: The Guarantors (HFAi19)

The loan servicing staff from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac brief you on their newest servicing policies and guidelines to help you effectively manage servicing compliance responsibilities. DISCUSSION LEADER Christine Antaya, Servicing Director | Georgia Department of Community Affairs/Georgia Housing and Finance Authority PARTICIPANTS Jenise Hight, Director of Credit Risk | Fannie Mae Ryan McGuinness, [...]


Protected: Hot Topics in Contract Administration (HFAi19)

Expert trainer Mary Ross returns by popular demand to discuss recent and upcoming changes to HUD Section 8 contract administration and assisted housing requirements, including implementing housing-related provisions from the Fixing America’s Service Transportation and Housing Opportunities Through Modernization acts, as well as changes to the Enterprise Income Verification system and Management and Occupancy Review form.

Deep-Dive with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (HFAi19)

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac discuss their latest affordable single-family activities. Explore how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s preferred HFA products, Duty-to-Serve initiatives, and other new activities present partnership opportunities for HFAs. DISCUSSION LEADER Jon Rogers, Senior Division Manager, Single Family Lending | West Virginia Housing Development Fund PARTICIPANTS Simone Beaty, Mortgage Servicing Policy | [...]


Update on FHA, USDA, Ginnie Mae, and VA (HFAi19)

Update on FHA, USDA, Ginnie Mae, and VA Salon I/II, Ballroom Level Leading experts discuss the latest regulations, guidance, and new policies at FHA, Ginnie Mae, and USDA. A top homeownership officer from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs shares its latest initiatives. DISCUSSION LEADER Cris White, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer | Colorado Housing [...]