April 08, 2004

On April 6, HUD Section 8 performance based contract administration (PBCA) program officials Deborah Lear and Lanier Hylton confirmed HUD plans to renew existing PBCA contracts rather than rebid them. They also agreed to work with NCSHA and PBCAs as they develop the terms of the new contracts, including renewal terms possibly as long as five to ten years.

Lear and Hylton made the announcements at a meeting NCSHA convened with a group of HFA PBCAs to discuss a range of issues related to the PBCA program. Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin participated.

HUD officials had previously told PBCAs they expected the Department to renew existing contracts but had not indicated the decision was final. At the April 6 meeting, Lear and Hylton said HUD’s decision is now firm.

Lear and Hylton said they would provide NCSHA a draft contract and other updated program guidance in 30 days for review and comment. They indicated the contract and guidance would reflect many of the recommendations put forward in 2002 by HUD and HUD-established PBCA working groups which included NCSHA and HFA representatives. NCSHA will distribute the draft contract and guidance to HFAs upon receipt and work with them to develop comments for HUD.

HUD also said it expects to continue to award contracts for states without PBCAs over the next few months, but some awards may not be announced until after the September 30 end of the current fiscal year. Lear and Hylton did not offer more detailed announcement schedule information.

Lear and Hylton said HUD would publish a new management and occupancy review form, with a new fair housing review checklist, soon. They said HUD has tried to accommodate the comments submitted last year by NCSHA and other groups, but could not divulge the details of the new forms.

Additionally, HUD agreed to NCSHA’s request to conduct regular conference calls and meetings with PBCAs and NCSHA to discuss program issues.

For more information, contact NCSHA’s Mike Cohen.