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Housing Headlines

Housing Headlines

FHA Proposes New Lender Certification Requirements

WASHINGTON - The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) today proposed several revisions to its lender certification requirements with the goal of providing lenders and servicers greater certainty in...

FHA Offers Incentives for Property Owners Who Invest in Opportunity Zones

WASHINGTON - The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) today announced a package of incentives to encourage multi-family property owners to invest in thousands of neighborhoods located in Opportunity...

Banks Fled the FHA Loan Program. The Government Wants Them Back

The Federal Housing Administration is set to clarify rules and compliance standards for its mortgage program in an effort to get banks to start making more loans to the lower-income and first-time...

Critics Say HUD Bid to Restrict Down Payment Programs Skirts Law

WASHINGTON — Two nonprofits that provide down payment assistance on a national scale are not backing down in the face of a new federal policy that they say could drive them out of business.

Freddie Mac Rolls Manufactured Housing Pilot Out to the Full Market

Freddie Mac is now offering to buy a new form of manufactured housing loan with terms similar to that of conventional mortgages from all eligible lenders, following a test run last year.

Aging Millennials Projected to Drive Up US Housing Prices

Becoming a homeowner is likely to get more costly and competitive over the next decade as millions more Americans enter the age range where people typically seek to buy their first home.

Should cities subsidize housing for a family making $141,000?

From coast to coast, booming American cities and suburbs are looking for ways to preserve homes for an increasingly cash-strapped middle class.

Debunking the Myth That Small-Dollar Mortgages are Riskier

The difficulty of obtaining mortgages for low-cost homes has made homeownership even harder at the most affordable end of the spectrum. Only one in four homes purchased for $70,000 or less in 2015...

Trump’s Housing Agency Cracks Down on Zero-Down Home Loans

The Trump Administration is cracking down on national affordable housing programs because of concern over growing risk to the government’s almost $1.3 trillion portfolio of federally insured...

Democrats Court a New Voting Bloc: People Who Don’t Own Homes

Renters hold little sway in Washington. They vote at lower rates than homeowners. They’re generally represented in Congress by homeowners. They have no deep-pocketed lobbyists. And their...