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Bonus Sessions

The following sessions will be available on demand only on the event platform.

2020 Awards Entry Spotlight: OHFA Inspection Software (IT, RE)

Learn how the Ohio Housing Finance Agency streamlined and optimized Housing Credit compliance audit processes. By partnering with a vendor to build software that works well on an iPad and a desktop, OHFA is now saving resources and standardizing audits while achieving a higher level of oversight. The tool empowers the agency to respond to changing circumstances and regulations. For example, a Tenant File Upload feature has allowed auditors to work safely from home during the pandemic

Dorcas Taylor Jones, Chief Communications Officer | Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Tonya Rankin, Compliance Team Manager | Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Steve McVey, Chief Information Officer | Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Administering CARES Act Homeowner Assistance Programs (C19, CO, GO, HO, SE)

Learn how HFAs administering state homeowner assistance programs with CARES Act funds are handling program design and execution, including racial and social equity concerns; dealing with federal, state, and local rules; managing the application process; getting the money out; and partnerships with lenders and servicers.

Vicki Bauer, Homeownership Program Manager | Montana Housing

Bryan Butcher, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director | Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
George Demas, General Council | Vermont Housing Finance Agency
Bryce Maretzki, Director, Strategic Planning and Policy | Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Tara Pavlik, Managing Director of Homeownership | Illinois Housing Development Authority

Best of HFAs: Financial Management (DA, FI, GO, MI)

Hear about the partnerships the Washington State Housing Finance Commission and California Housing Finance Agency have with major corporations in their states to support financing for affordable housing activities. The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority describes the business data-driven tool it relies on to inform decision-making, and MassHousing presents on the capital adequacy study it undertook to help plan for the use of capital reserves to further the agency’s mission. Featured are these 2020 Awards for Program Excellence entries:

  • Colorado: Executive Dashboard
  • Massachusetts: Capital Adequacy Study – Opportunity Fund Initiative
  • Washington: Microsoft Partnership — Stretching Our Resources

Monte Stanford, Chief Operating Officer | District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency

Thomas Bryan, Chief Financial Officer | Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Robert Cook, Senior Director, Finance | Washington State Housing Finance Commission
Francesc Marti, Director of Legislation | California Housing Finance Agency
Jonathan Sakanai, Manager, Business Intelligence | Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

Best of HFAs: Human Resources (HR, MI)

Hear how state HFAs improved and branded their recruitment and onboarding processes, designed new ways to engage staff, and stayed connected and informed during a global health pandemic. Featured in this session are these 2020 Awards for Program Excellence entries:

  • Idaho: Welcome Home – New Employee Experience
  • Kentucky: Wow Wheel Wednesdays
  • Rhode Island: Supporting Our Team While Fulfilling Our Mission

Lydia Aguirre, Director of Human Resources | Idaho Housing and Finance Association
Lisa Primiano, Chief Operating Officer | Rhode Island Housing
Molly Tate, Managing Director, Communications and Marketing | Kentucky Housing Corporation

Best of HFAs: Internal Operations (HR, MI, RE)

State HFAs discuss what they are doing to broaden housing policy discussion and collaboration among agency staff, make data more usable and transparent, and provide training and support to agency-financed projects. Featured in the session are these 2020 Awards for Program Excellence entries:

  • Massachusetts: Innovation Team
  • Ohio: Qualified Allocation Plan Interactive Maps
  • Pennsylvania: Training Made Simple How-To Video Series

Diane Alecusan, Programs and Policy Manager | Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Chelsea Buckwalter, Research Analyst | Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Monique Gibbs, Policy Innovation Associate | MassHousing
Francis Goyes Flor, Policy Innovation Associate | MassHousing
Kurt Livering, Manager of Financial Operations | Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

Data and Housing Equity: Discussion (DA, GO, IT, SE)

The #NCSHA20 Data and Housing Equity panel of experts continued the discussion by exploring three questions. This session is excellent as a standalone or it can be watched in conjunction with the main session.

  1. Difficult conversations are needed to address racism. What are examples of where data identified a difficult equity issue (internally or externally) that needed to be addressed or helped facilitate a challenging conversation?
  2. What are examples of a good equity measure?
  3. What will it take to improve the equity analysis at housing finance agencies, which could be leadership, resources, partners, buy-in, etc?

John Patterson, Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluation | Minnesota Housing

Tom Love, Director of Business Development | PolicyMap
Lisa Tabor, Principal and Owner | CultureBrokers® LLC
Janel A. Young, Director, Policy and Strategic Initiatives | Louisiana Housing Corporation

Teamwork in Focus: Harnessing Technology for Website Redesign (CO, IT)

RIHousing’s new website has completely transformed how the agency drives business development, communicates with stakeholders, and achieves a number of strategic objectives. A year after launch, they have the data to prove it. Hear from the interdepartmental team that came together to develop a game-changing platform driven by integrative and accessible technologies.

Mary Kate Harrington, Public Information Manager | Rhode Island Housing

Kelly Coccio, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Rhode Island Housing
HeeJin Kim, Lead Designer | Rhode Island Housing
CJ Rotella, Director of Information Technology | Rhode Island Housing

Express Sessions

The following sessions will be featured concurrently during the conference and available on demand on the event platform.

2020 Awards Entry Spotlight: Below Market Rate Bond Program (RE)

Explore Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s Below Market Rate Bond program, which brings social-impact investors to the table and eliminates complicated development underwriting, resulting in more new construction and more affordable housing for individuals and families.
Entered in the Rental Housing: Encouraging New Construction subcategory of NCSHA’s 2020 Awards for Program Excellence.

Jeff Sykes, Chief Financial Officer | Michigan State Housing Development Authority

2020 Awards Entry Spotlight: First 50 Years Serving Maine (CO)

MaineHousing shares the story of its forward-thinking 50th anniversary celebration, which encompassed an affordable housing conference, a commemorative book, outreach to Head Start, and a collaboration with University of Maine architecture students to design affordable homes for the future.
Entered in the Communications: Special Event Marketing subcategory of NCSHA’s 2020 Awards for Program Excellence.

Cara Courchesne, Communications Coordinator | MaineHousing
Lisa Bowman, Director of Marketing and Communications | National Council of State Housing Agencies

2020 Awards Entry Spotlight: Preventing Evictions for Low-Income Delawareans (C19, SE, SN)

In Delaware, more than five percent of renters are evicted annually, with an average of 14 eviction filings per day. Delaware State Housing Authority describes how, through the Eviction Defense Program, it is combatting evictions, partnering with Legal Aid organizations, and addressing the justice gap many low-income families encounter when facing eviction.
Entered in the Special Needs Housing: Combating Homelessness subcategory of NCSHA’s 2020 Awards for Program Excellence.

Anas Ben Addi, Director | Delaware State Housing Authority
Carrie Casey, Chair | Delaware Continuum of Care
Gilberte Pierre, Staff Attorney | Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Kate Swanson, Community Investment Manager |Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
John S. Whitelaw, Advocacy Director | Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.

Case Study: Transforming the NOFA Process through Procorem at Oregon Housing and Community Services (IT, RE)

This case study explores how Oregon Housing and Community Services transformed its NOFA process in 2019 by leveraging Procorem, a front-office tool provided as part of ProLink Solutions’ enterprise platform for housing finance agencies. Hear how the new process creates transparency and accountability, and yet helps stay efficient and effective.

Casey Baumann, Production Manager | Oregon Housing and Community Services
Mitch Hannoosh, Operations and Policy Analyst | Oregon Housing and Community Services
Becky Isom, Production Analyst | Oregon Housing and Community Services
Bri Kreuter, Executive Vice President | ProLink Solutions
Shawn McKenna, President | ProLink Solutions

Methodology: Analysis of Rental Arrears Arising During Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Eviction Moratorium (C19, DA, RE)

According to a report produced by STOUT and released by NCSHA in September, U.S. renters will owe up to $34 billion in past-due rent by January, increasing eviction filings and imposing punishing financial hardship on millions in just a few months. STOUT’s Neil Steinkamp discusses the report’s methodology and findings.

Neil Steinkamp, Managing Director, Complex Situations Consultant | STOUT

Talking to the Media About Affordable Housing (CO)

Discuss tips and best practices for communicating affordable housing priorities to the media, including how to educate journalists about housing’s intersections with equity, education, economics, health, and infrastructure.

Amanda Davis, Director of Communications | Alliant Capital, Ltd.

Virtual Project Tours

The following sessions will be featured concurrently during the conference and available on demand on the event platform. Thanks to the state HFAs that responded to our call and contributed these videos. (Contact Lisa Bowman if your HFA wishes to share a tour.)

District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency

  • Cynthia Townhomes | 15 affordable new townhomes
    Learn more

Kentucky Housing Corporation

  • Meadowthorpe Landing | 71 units of affordable senior housing
    Learn more
  • Nicky Hayden Memorial Apartments | 12 one-bedroom units of transitional housing for individuals experiencing homelessness
    Learn more

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

  • Union Collective Project | Six businesses secured financing through Neighborhood BusinessWorks to repurposed a warehouse into shared retail space
    Learn more

Michigan State Housing Development Authority

  • Coolidge Park Apartments | Former school converted into 45 affordable apartments, commercial office and retail space, and a community center
    Learn more
  • Roosevelt Apartments | Former school converted into a 50-unit MSHDA housing development and additional investment in neighborhood enhancements
    Learn more