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Tuesday Jan 15

Open to NCSHA HFA and Associate members and member housing credit allocating agencies only. 

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Plenary Session

Washington Update
As the new Congress gets to work in Washington, NCSHA’s legislative and policy team shares the outlook for the Housing Credit, Housing Bonds, and affordable housing program funding. Learn what has changed in the legislative environment and what we need to do to advance NCSHA’s affordable housing priorities.

Plenary Session

IRS Policy Briefing
Senior Internal Revenue Service officials meet with allocating agency representatives to discuss forthcoming guidance, IRS compliance reporting, and current issues in program administration.

Community Meet-Ups

  • Housing Credit Development
    Allocating agency development officials share their experiences in Housing Credit allocation and underwriting and discuss emerging issues in program administration.
  • Housing Credit Compliance
    Allocating agency compliance officials share their experiences in Housing Credit monitoring and discuss emerging issues in program compliance.

Wednesday Jan 16

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Continental Breakfast
Plenary Session

2019 Housing Credit Program Outlook
Housing Credit industry leaders explore program hot topics, including congressional efforts to strengthen the Housing Credit and Housing Bond programs, potential changes to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the impact of tax reform on Credit equity pricing and investor demand, Housing Credit development in Opportunity Zones, development cost controls, and preservation of the existing Housing Credit portfolio.

Concurrent Sessions

Income Averaging Development Strategies
Examine the new income averaging minimum set-aside and its dramatic impact on Housing Credit development. Discuss strategies for facilitating mixed-income development, state agency implementation plans, industry perspectives on income averaging, and emerging best practices on unit designation, market studies, and financial underwriting.

Monitoring Multiple Subsidies
Understand conflicting compliance requirements in Housing Credit developments with multiple subsidies. Analyze the impact of tax-exempt bonds, HOME, the Housing Trust Fund, Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), project-based Section 8, and Housing Choice Vouchers on development compliance and state agency monitoring responsibilities.

Concurrent Sessions

The QAP Renaissance
As state Credit agencies continue to refine program priorities to address pressing housing needs, qualified allocation plans (QAPs) are experiencing dramatic transformation. Explore refined QAP provisions related to development costs and the  new construction/preservation balance, plus new approaches to use of the cap increase and state-designated basis boost.

Managing Changes in Income Limits and Utility Allowances
Examine the impact of recent income limit and utility allowance updates on Housing Credit compliance and management. Understand state agency, developer, and management company perspectives on rent increases. Explore application of new income limits and utility allowances in preservation transactions and resyndications.

Concurrent Sessions

Strategic Housing Credit Development Siting
Evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with development in high-opportunity areas and distressed neighborhoods. Understand the balance between tenant needs and market issues, fair housing considerations, and NIMBY challenges associated with sites. Explore how Opportunity Zones may impact future Credit development.

Monitoring Compliance with Income Averaging
Discuss compliance challenges with the new income averaging minimum set-aside and the complexities associated with project monitoring. Understand state monitoring policies, new income limit calculations, critical compliance considerations, and emerging best practices on unit designation, the next available unit rule, and noncompliance correction.

Concurrent Sessions

Equity Market Outlook
Housing Credit investors and syndicators forecast 2019 equity market activity. Explore the impact of QAP priorities and CRA reform on investor interest and Credit pricing. Examine new underwriting guidelines from the Affordable Housing Investors Council and investor perspectives on income averaging, Opportunity Zones, and resyndications.

Compliance and Management Forum
Housing Credit compliance professionals convene in an open forum to discuss program hot topics, best practices, and emerging challenges in compliance and property management.

Housing Credit Happy Hour

Thursday Jan 17

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Continental Breakfast
Concurrent Sessions

Joint with Section 8 and Other Federally Assisted Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Finance Forum
Survey financial structuring and underwriting strategies for Housing Credit developments with multiple subsidies, including tax-exempt bonds, HOME, the Housing Trust Fund, RAD, the Federal Financing Bank Risk-Sharing program, and USDA assistance.

Furthering Fair Housing Compliance
Explore monitoring of civil rights requirements, fair housing marketing, tenant selection plans, general public use, Section 8 nondiscrimination provisions, reasonable accommodation, accessibility standards, HUD criminal background rules, Violence Against Women Act requirements, and Department of Justice enforcement actions related to fair housing.

Plenary Session

Strategies for Preservation and Continuing Compliance
Consider development and compliance challenges in the Housing Credit portfolio. Explore QAP preservation policies, financing tools for recapitalization, asset management tactics, qualified contract activity, and compliance strategies related to existing tenants and resyndication.

Agenda subject to change.

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