State ERA Program Dashboards

ERA Dashboard

Several states have launched information dashboards to track and communicate Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program progress, including the number of applications received and total funds distributed. See live or regular updates from the states listed to the right. 
Find Emergency Rental Assistance Programs by State

DividerAlaska: Housing Rent Relief
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Go to Alaska Dashboard

DividerArizona: Emergency Rental Assistance Program
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Go to Arizona Dashboard

DividerCalifornia: California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program Dashboard
California Department of Housing and Community Development
Go to California Dashboard

DividerColorado: Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance
Colorado Department of Local Affairs Division of Housing
Go to Colorado Dashboard 

DividerConnecticut: UniteCT Program
Connecticut Department of Housing
Go to Connecticut Dashboard

DividerIllinois: Illinois Rental Payment Program (IIRPP)
Illinois Housing Development Authority
Go to Illinois Dashboard  Note: Please scroll to the bottom of Illinois’s IIRPP page to access the dashboard. 

IHDA Key Metrics

DividerKansas: Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance (KERA)
Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
Go to Kansas Dashboard  Note: Please scroll to the middle of Kansas’s KERA page to access the dashboard. 

KERA metrics to date

DividerLouisiana: State of Louisiana’s U.S. Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance Program 
Louisiana Housing Corporation in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Go to Louisiana Dashboard Note: Scroll down to the “Program Stats” section. Data to be updated on a weekly basis.

State of Louisiana U.S. Treasury ERA Program Stats

DividerMaine: Rent Relief Program 
Go to Maine Dashboard Note: MaineHousing has created data dashboards displaying program data for public use. Both the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance and State of Maine COVID Rent Relief Programs are covered. The dashboards are available as downloadable PDFs accessible on

MaineHousing Logo

DividerMassachusetts: COVID-19 Eviction Diversion 
Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (NCSHA Associate Member)
Go to Massachusetts Dashboard


Minnesota: RentHelpMN
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
Go to Minnesota Dashboard


Missouri: SAFHR Program
Missouri Housing Development Commission
Go to Missouri Dashboard

Montana: Emergency Rental Assistance
Montana Housing
Go to Montana Dashboard 
Select Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program from the dropdown.

Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Dashboard 1


Nebraska: Emergency Rental Assistance
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and Governor’s Office
Go to Nebraska Dashboard 


New Hampshire: Emergency Rental Assistance Program
New Hampshire Housing
Go to New Hampshire Dashboard

DividerOklahoma: Rent Relief Program
Communities Foundation of Oklahoma Note: Please scroll to the middle of Oklahoma’s ERA page to access the dashboard. 
Go to Oklahoma Dashboard

Oklahoma Rent Relief Program

DividerOregon: Emergency Rental Assistance Program
Oregon Housing and Community Services
Go to Oregon Dashboard

DividerRhode Island: RentReliefRI
Go to Rhode Island Dashboard

DividerTexas: Rent Relief Program
Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs
Go to Texas Dashboard

DividerVermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Vermont State Housing Authority
Go to Vermont Dashboard Note: Click on the yellow “ticker” ribbon at the top of the Vermont page.

Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program Dashboard

DividerWyoming: Emergency Rental Assistance Program
Wyoming Department of Family Services, with assistance from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services
Go to Wyoming Dashboard Note: Scroll down to the ERAP PAYMENT DASHBOARD section on the Wyoming page.

Wyoming Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The information above is based solely on information available at the time of publication. Please visit the state entity’s program online for details, updates, and terms. 

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