January 27, 2009
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On January 21, the House Appropriations Committee reported the spending provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, H.R. 1. The Committee-reported bill provides $23 billion for housing, community development, and housing-related energy improvements, including:  $4.2 billion for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program; $1.5 billion for HOME; $5 billion for the public housing capital fund; $2.5 billion for energy retrofits in elderly, disabled, and Section 8 assisted housing; $1.5 billion for homeless assistance grants; $6.2 billion for weatherization assistance; $500 million for rural housing; $500 million for Indian housing; and $100 million for lead paint hazard control.  The bill text and summaries are linked below. 

The House will begin consideration of the $825 billion recovery package, including the tax provisions reported January 21 by the Ways and Means Committee, on January 27.  

On January 23, the Senate Appropriations Committee released the below-linked summary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, S. 1, which the Committee plans to mark up January 27.  The summary, which does not list all the bill’s spending provisions, says the bill provides:  $2.25 billion for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, $1.95 billion less than the House version; $2.25 billion for HOME, $750 million more than the House version; $5 billion for the public housing capital fund, the same as the House version; $1.5 billion for homeless prevention activities, the same amount the House included for homeless activities; $2.1 billion for full-year payments to owners receiving Section 8 project-based rental assistance; and $1.3 billion for energy and green retrofit investments.

Neither bill includes the $5 billion NCSHA and others sought for Housing Credit gap funding to state allocating agencies.

House and Senate leaders plan to send a finished bill to the President by February 13, the scheduled beginning of Congress’ President’s Day recess, but they have stated Congress will stay in session until completing action on the bill if necessary. 

Once work on the recovery package is complete, Congress will take up an omnibus spending bill that consists of the nine uncompleted FY 2009 appropriations bills, including the Transportation-HUD appropriations bill.  Government agencies and programs not funded by one of the three passed FY 2009 spending bills—Defense, Military Construction-VA, and Homeland Security—are currently operating under a continuing resolution that will expire on March 6.

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