Management Innovation: Financial

Recognizes outstanding innovation in financial management to strengthen agency operations and achieve strategic objectives.

Judging Criteria

Management Innovation entries will be judged on the degree to which they:

  • Are innovative
  • Are replicable
  • Respond to a management challenge or opportunity
  • Achieve measurable improvements in agency operations
  • Provide benefits that outweigh costs
  • Demonstrate effective use of resources
  • Achieve strategic objectives

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2015 Winner

Washington State Housing Finance Commission (Winner)

2015 Entries

"Property and Casualty Insurance Companies Reinsure HFA Mortgage Insurance"

MassHousing utilizes reinsurance to strengthen and enhance its mortgage insurance fund.

Washington State Housing Finance Commission (Winner):
"Program Investment Fund"

PIF is a steadily growing, constantly replenishing fund that has enhanced communities and benefited families throughout Washington.