Statement from Michael Trailor, director, Arizona Department of Housing
“With the second highest foreclosure ranking in the United States and an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent, Arizonans are struggling to pay their mortgages. Since 2007, the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) has been working with lenders, community leaders and government representatives to coordinate outreach and prevention efforts throughout the state. Unfortunately, resources have not been adequate to make a significant impact on the number of foreclosures in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Housing is appreciative that the Administration has recognized the severity of the problem in Arizona. We look forward to working with them as a key partner on new ideas and an improved strategy to help struggling homeowners in Arizona.”

Statement from Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons
Governor Jim Gibbons was pleased to be notified today, that the White House will be unveiling a new targeted home owner rescue program. The Governor’s office has asked the Nevada Housing Division to fully explore and where possible, implement full participation in the program so that Nevada is able to take advantage of whatever funding might be made available from this new program. It is believed that the program to be announced by the White House will be aimed at jurisdictions hardest hit by unemployment, housing price declines and foreclosure rates. Preliminary indications are that the initial awards from the US Treasury will begin flowing sometime in the early summer months. The Governor said “Nevada has been hit extremely hard in the current real estate collapse and recession. We welcome any Federal government efforts to help the many troubled Nevada homeowners in this time of crises”

Statement from Steven Spears, acting executive director, California Housing Finance Agency
“We are very grateful for the continued support of State Housing Finance Agencies by the Obama administration and the recognition that several states, including California, have been most adversely impacted by the twin problems of unemployment and home price depreciation. This is a significant step toward improving the situation and our agency will work quickly to put these funds to work to benefit low- and moderate-income families in California.”

Statement from Keith Molin, executive director, Michigan State Housing Development Authority
“We are excited to work with the Obama administration in making yet another investment in our continuing efforts to create the New Michigan. The recession, the implosion of the automotive industry, and the credit crunch have combined to impact homeowners, families, and the very quality of life in every Michigan community. This investment will help us to address the needs of our neighborhoods and move Michigan forward toward a healthy and prosperous future.

“Foreclosure hurts everyone, including those not currently at risk of losing their homes. We know that housing problems vary a great deal from state to state and in regions within states. The administration’s flexible and innovative approach to this initiative will allow us to put these dollars to work in a uniquely Michigan way. This is an historic opportunity to help struggling homeowners avoid the catastrophic disruption of foreclosure and to keep their families and homes in Michigan.”

Statement from Stephen Auger, executive director, Florida Housing Finance Corporation
“The State of Florida is grateful to be one of the few states that will share in $1.5 billion in federal funding to help address the significant housing challenges our citizens face as a result of these economic times. The decline in home values and the employment rate, coupled with increases in foreclosures have contributed to the difficult situations many homeowners in our state are currently experiencing.

“ Florida Housing looks forward to working with the US Treasury to determine the best way to provide meaningful financial support for Florida families. Ultimately, we hope to use these resources to bolster efforts to assist affected Floridians through innovative programs aimed at saving homes from foreclosure and increasing employment in our state. As Florida’s state housing finance agency (HFA), we appreciate the recognition that state HFAs are receiving as strong and capable contributors to our nation’s housing and economic recovery. We look forward to implementing an effective strategy to take full advantage of these and other resources to realize the best possible results for our citizens.”

Statement from Richard Godfrey, executive director, Rhode Island Housing
“We are incredibly grateful to our congressional delegation for their tireless efforts to protect Rhode Islanders and for their steadfast commitment to providing safe, affordable homes. We thank them and President Obama’s administration for recognizing the depth of Rhode Island’s need for help. With our state’s alarming rate of unemployment continuing to contribute to our foreclosure crisis, these much-needed funds will bring great relief to homeowners at risk of losing their homes.

“The impact of the foreclosure crisis affects all of us. From homeowners themselves, to renters left homeless as a result of foreclosures, to neighbors living next to abandoned, often vandalized properties, the positive impact felt by the implementation of these funds will be felt by virtually all Rhode Islanders.”