2017 Winner: Illinois Housing Development Authority

2017 Annual Award Entries

2016 Winner: Virginia Housing Development Authority

2016 Annual Award Entries

  • California Housing Finance Agency
    Keep Your Home California Video Testimonial Ad Campaign
    Keep Your Home California utilizes video testimonials to promote how the program can help homeowners.
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority
    IHDA.org Website Redesign
    IHDA redesigned IHDA.org, transforming it into an essential tool that helps us fulfill our mission.
  • Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
    Hoosier Housing NOW
    Hoosier Housing NOW: Providing regular, Indiana-specific housing and
    community development data for decision-makers.
  • MassHousing
    How Millennials Buy
    MassHousing’s 9-part video series puts the basics of home buying in video format for millennials.
  • MaineHousing
    MaineHousing Intranet
    MaineHousing Intranet
  • Michigan State Housing Development Authority
    MSHDA's 50th Anniversary Rebranding Campaign
    MSHDA celebrated 50 years by rebranding to highlight "Opening Doors. Opening Possibilities." for Michigan residents.
  • Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
    Hometown Nebraska
    A fun celebration and showcase of Nebraska hometowns for NIFA's annual Housing Innovation Marketplace Conference.
  • New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
    MFA Promotional Video
    Model general audience video that increases understanding and creates a positive perception of HFAs (in this case, of MFA) and our work.
  • Ohio Housing Finance Agency
    Great Home. Great Life. Marketing Campaign
    First Time Homebuyer "Great Home. Great Life." Marketing Campaign.
  • Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
    OHFA created this website to host its comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment.
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
    How PHFA Helps People: Promotional Video
    This video explains the mission of PHFA through the stories of customers we've helped.
  • Tennessee Housing Development Agency
    Show Me!
    Interactive maps display program production from user's preferred perspective.
  • Virginia Housing Development Authority
    MCCs Made Simple
    A fun and informative whiteboard video using animation and narration to describe VHDA's MCC program.
  • Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
    WHEDA.com Redesign
    Successful new website that is easier to read, navigate and has increased traffic 10 fold.


2015 Winner: Idaho Housing and Finance Association



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