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Income Averaging Compliance Considerations (HCC19)

Examine compliance in Housing Credit developments electing the income averaging minimum set-aside. Understand state monitoring policies, investor considerations, and property management...

Deal Structuring with Income Averaging (HCC19)

Explore new opportunities for Housing Credit development using the income averaging minimum set-aside election. Understand the impact of the set-aside on income limits, project rents, and Credit...

Monitoring Compliance with Income Averaging (HFAi19)

Discuss compliance challenges with the new income averaging minimum set-aside and the complexities associated with project monitoring. Understand state monitoring policies, new income limit...

Breaking Down Income Averaging with NCSHA’s Stockton Williams

In this December 2018 interview with Affordable Housing Finance, NCSHA Executive Director Stockton Williams discusses the Housing Credit income-averaging option and what it means for state Housing Finance Agencies and developers.

State Income Averaging Policies

The link below reflects income averaging policies state allocating agencies have shared with NCSHA. There may be additional states that have published policies since that date of which NCSHA is...

NCSHA Income Averaging Letter to IRS and Treasury

On June 13, 2018, the National Council of State Housing Agencies, on behalf of the state Housing Finance Agencies and other Low Income Housing Tax Credit allocating agency members, composed a letter...

NCSHA Develops Income Averaging Q&A

To assist Housing Credit allocating agencies and other program stakeholders navigate the implementation of the new Housing Credit income averaging option, NCSHA has developed an Income Averaging Q&A with answers to frequently asked questions about it.

Housing Credit Income Averaging Frequently Asked Questions

Twenty Frequently Asked Questions about Housing Credit Income Averaging. (Updated April 6, 2018)

Treasury and IRS Plan Guidance on Income Averaging, Other Housing Credit- and Bond-Related Issues

On November 8, the Treasury Department (Treasury) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued their 2018–2019 Priority Guidance Plan (PGP) which lists guidance projects on which Treasury and IRS will focus during the 12-month period from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.